Translation war

over at Hanzi Smatter, relating to comments from this post. I do think Tian has a tendency to be a bit Mandarin-o-centric, but on the other hand his commenters regularly supply information he lacks, so it all works out. Hell, that's what comments are for. And I learnt a new word.

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I am glad the so called "translation war" is over. I sure hope Mr. "Fruity Reporter" is happy with his tattoo, regardless the translation differences between Chinese and Japanese.

Due to the controversy and the whole Kanji/Hanzi trend, I have been interviewed by Washington Post Express, FHM magazine, Strait Times, and the Times newspaper London.

I will be a happy man when I am on The Today Show with Jon Stewart or Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

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No problem Tian. I think he is happy with it because it makes perfect sense in Japanese, and the Sinophiles are happy making fun of him because it doesn't make sense in Chinese, so really everybody's happy.

I noticed I was seeing the site mentioned in more and more places -- congratulations! Good luck with Conan ;)


I have to admit I find it hard to understand the need to point out that Japanese doesn't make sense in Chinese. Well, duh. I mean, you could while away a day picking up newspapers, books, &c in Japanese and crowing "In Chinese, this makes no sense at all!" For that matter, you could do the same with any two languages. But it seems a rather unsatisfactory form of entertainment to me.

--language hat

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