There are no words

Well, there are, but they're in Japanese. And I'm not going to translate any of them, because I feel it would make your experience here less special.

(I found the site via Yahoo!BB magazine, of all institutions.)

Popularity factor: 7


I believe the word you're looking for is "creepy." What's also creepy is she looks almost as soulless as some of my students.


Jeez, where do you teach, Vampire High? I have some unmotivated students but none that I'd go so far as to call "soulless"..


I love it. Excellent idea no matter what it actually says.


Exactly how large is that doll? Is it life size, or is it one of those creepy (insanely expensive) dolls (normal toy) that all the girls without boyfriends have here, and dress up in victorian clothes and pose in the park and take pictures of? Either way I for one am totally creeped out.


Life-size, baby...


Visiting a site you don't understand is rather like taking a rorschach test.

... and what I'm seeing is creepy. Is the site really innocent or does my imagination need a good scrubbing?


Well... given that it's one man's story of life with his love doll (starting on the day he ordered it), there's definitely a certain baseline creepiness. But given that, it's not any creepier than it needs to be.

Anyway, your imagination was correct. ;)

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