Pre-empting the stalkers

Reading some entertainment stories at Nikkan Sports, I saw an ad for this: ましゅログ (Mashu-log). It's the official blog of the 20-year-old idol known as Mashiro (真白, very similar to 真っ白 which means "pure white").

Mashiro herself isn't my type, but I have to give her people props for putting this together. It's surprisingly well done. No idea if she writes it herself or not, but it wouldn't be hard -- it's only about one cellphone mail message's worth every couple of days.

Here's her Valentine's Day post:

ましゅの今年のバレンタインは…お仕事( ̄▽ ̄;)いいんだモ〜ン!
OK!! Open wide☆
Today's Valentine's Day, wight? So that's a present from Mashu** to you☆
This year for Valentine's Day, Mashu... worked. ( ̄▽ ̄;) Whateveeer!!***
Is evewybody else having a wonderful Bwalentine's Day?

* This is the sound of you producing a long back vowel as you open wide.

** She refers to herself as "Mashu". If you were a fan, you'd find it endearingly immature.

*** As in "I don't care if you laugh at me".

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