Much more heartwarming than Gus Van Sant's film about teenage boys and elephants

Via eiga.com, we learn that filming for the upcoming movie 『星になった少年』 ("The Boy Who Became A Star") has been completed. Or, as they say in Japanese English, the movie has "crank[ed] up".

Starring YAGIRA Yuuya of Nobody Knows fame, Boy Who Became is based on the true story of the young man who became the first boy elephant trainer in Japan, as documented in 『ちび象ランディと星になった少年』 ("Midget Elephant Randy and the Boy Who Became A Star"). Yagira went to a Thai elephant shelter to practice dealing with the animals, and by the end of shooting he was so captivated by their "charms" (魅力) that he himself almost wanted to become an elephant trainer.

TOKIWA Takako (常盤貴子), who plays his mother, added: "When the elephants were around, the set was really calm. I'm sure that this movie will communicate their charms to everyone who sees it, too -- perhaps there'll even be an 'elephant boom' this summer!"

So be sure to wear a helmet.

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