Low-class vocabulary lesson

These days, the preferred Japanese entertainment (and "entertainment") industry slang for a large-breasted woman is 巨乳, kyonyuu, literally "giant breasts". The antonym is 微乳, binyuu, with a meaning you can probably guess, but some prefer the term 美乳, binyuu -- same pronunciation, but it means "beautiful breasts".

These are all respectably kanjified terms, although I doubt they have any basis in actual Chinese vocabulary. However, there is an older slang term for the amply endowed, apparently dating back to the eighties: ぼいん, boin, which seems to be onomatopoeic for the mental impression such a person makes. (A boi-oi-oing sound effect is not uncommon in cartoons to accompany the sudden appearance of a sexy female character, and ぼいん is also the sound of being punched, or bouncing.)

OK, so what's the opposite of ぼいん? ないん, nain. An extremely cruel blend of the general sound outlines of boin with the negating word nai. Ouch.

UPDATE! And in Korean...

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Hey, it's my term to put up a comment about Chinese again.

All the Kanji words you had in the post would "pass" as Chinese words, with 微乳 sounding the most "weird". It'll probably not come in naturally in that form in normal conversation.

巨乳 works in Chinese, an alternative is 豪乳。

In Chinese, 乳 refers specifically to "mammeries", to refer to chest / breast alone, we tend to use 胸. So in colloquial terms, 大胸 and 細胸 for big-breasted / small-breasted.

As for ぼいん, I think the equivalent (at least in colloquial Cantonese) would be 大波


Thanks for the info, Duncan!

Now all I need is some crude vocab for male parts of the anatomy...


no-sword surely knows this, but it should be pointed out that nyuu also refers to, among other things, milk. Being that Japan has a population that is oft-devoid of breasts, there is a remarkably developed "boob culture." Then again, why am I not surprised ... ?

Some good (?) vocab for you:

ぼっき translates to erection. Sadly, I forgot the expression for "morning wood," but I can assure you it is not あさぼっき as I had hoped.

We all know (or do we?) what ぶっかけ means on "thar intarnet." But where did it come from? It's low-class vocabulary for "to pour." Ew.


Know-it-all Powers Activate!

Morning wood: 朝立ち, also the word for "to leave on a journey early in the morning" (cause of the two meanings of 立つ).

Yep... the ぶっ- prefix is apparently an evolution of the ぶち- prefix, related to the verb ぶつ(打つ), adding a "striking" or "thrusting" or "generally forceful" tone. The ぶん of ぶん殴る is also related, I hear.

Did you ever notice that the native Japanese word ちち can also mean "breasts" (childish way of saying it, though) or "milk"? (Or "father", but I hope there's no etymological relation there.)

And man, maybe I'm just not reading the right magazines, but I don't think Japan's "boob culture" is any more developed than Australia's or (to judge from movies and TV) the US'..


If what you say about boin and boing sounds is true, maybe that is how boingboing.net got its name? ask cory.

They love J culture too. But that stuff about naked sushi is not true. You have been in Japan for a long time, Matt, have you ever seen a naked sushi party? It is just a hollywood tokyo movie gangster myth, not true at all, yet the West is copying it like it is a real thing. just like Eskimoes kissing in the movies. Eskimoes do not kiss with their noses. that was a myth concocteed by white Hollywood directors. So too with the naked sushi parties. Not true at all. I wish someone would tell the crew at Boing Boing that those naked sushi pics are part of a huge myth. Never never true. Am i right or am i wrong?



Well, I wouldn't say NEVER, cause I know someone who did it to promote her new book. But I would agree that it's probably about a squillion times less common than people would think, and even then mostly done by ordinary folks who are like "Dude, that'd be cool" rather than rich, evil guys who do it every weekend at their secret hyperexpensive sushi hideout.


Sorry about that. My indication was more to the effect of "sex culture" but I confused myself somehow. I should've said something more like "for a cultre oft-devoid of boobs, this country sure is obsessed with them."

What I mean is, if we consider the per-capita ratio of large-breasted women in Japan to normally-endowed women (read: close to none), we find an interesting thing...men still, for some reason, love big boobs. No what I mean is, the number of men loving big boobs compared to the actual number of women with these big boobs is much higher than in Japan than elsewhere. Crap, I don't even remember what I'm trying to explain anymore.

Needless to say, I do think the sexual culture here is...unique, if quite disturbing at times.

Where else do rape fantasy/bondage fantasy, pedophelia, and penis tentacles play such a large role in the sexual culture?

Yeah. I've seen too much Japanese porn. Not necessarily of my own design!


I think I understand what you mean ;)

Yeah, you often hear that the Japanese porn industry grew the way it did partly because it was trying to get around laws that forbade all the other stuff.. like, the tentacle thing is because penises themselves were forbidden. I'd be interested in reading some serious research on that. But too ashamed to buy that research.


Not sure how true this is, but I heard that certain low-class onsens in Ishikawa Prefecture do offer "naked girl sushi" themed parties. Apparently it used to be quite popular. Probably not so much now. I've never seen it advertised, only spoken about by dodgy old men.


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