Love is in the air. Also, souls

It's Valentine's Day, and I have not one but two poems, each containing one of the kanji in 塊魂 (Katamari Damacy), the game that stole so many hearts in the year leading up to today.

First, an anonymous poem from the Kokinwakashuu (古今和歌集), which contains damashii*:

If my soul, so sick with love, left me and lost its way,
would they linger yet as empty words, my sad remains?

And next, a much more recent poem from YOSANO Akiko (與謝野晶子, or 与謝野晶子 in modern characters) that contains katamari:


Thirty-year-old woman
A thirty-year-old woman's heart
is a lightless, smokeless
soundless ball of fire,
a deep red disc of sun
in an evening sky,
still and intent and burning.

Aww, yeah.

* Actually, damashihi. But no-one cares.

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Hi Matt, what do you mean by "much more recent" poem? is this recently published poem of her unpublished works before? We talked about Asano Akiko in our Japanese class once. She was very romantic when she was young, and sought for a inouchi wo kakeru love. so she probably wrote the poem when she was 30?


Oh, no, just relatively more recent than the first poem -- that's hundreds of years old :)

Yeah, I imagine she wrote it when she was thirty, or maybe afterwards... although I don't know for sure (恥

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