I like CoCo Ichibanya.

They serve good food, for a chain of curry restaurants, and they also name their dishes with helpful clarity. Beef Curry. Pork Curry. Cheese Curry. Shrimp Cutlet Curry.

Which is why I was a little disturbed by the posters on the walls announcing their new, limited-time-only dish, "Grandmother Curry".

Fortunately, it doesn't contain actual grandmothers: it's just a modern recreation of the very first menu item the company ever had, back in S53 (1978). "Everything began from this flavour," their promotional material says. It is, if you will, the "grandmother" of the current CoCo Ichibanya franchise.

I'm still leery of actually saying "Give me a Grandmother Curry, please", though.

Popularity factor: 1


Kind of like our "Oriental Flavor" Ramen packets....

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