Biotechnology update

Hey, remember a while ago when BoingBoing linked to those Japanese seed things that sprouted into a weird little pod with writing on it? I found one that a friend of mine had been given for real. "In the wild", so to ironically speak.

My camera's resolving power isn't fantastic for small objects in the dark, so I'll note for the record that it says だいじにしてね! ("Take care of yourself!").

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I never saw that one. Did you catch the name of what that thing is?

I'm assuming the thing has been incised so that when it grows the writing seems to appear, like scarring growing pumpkins or the like to make designs.


I just looked it up at boingboing, it was called "Mamederumon". Here's the post:


And yeah, I think they write the message on the bulb with a laser or something..


I have to go with the boingboing writer in wanting something a little more colorful on the pod. It's kind of neat, though. ;)

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