A billboard advertising in a human face... forever

The Mainichi Shinbun says:

Mazda has begun putting up a 311-meter long advertisement in JR Tokyo Station's underground walkway. The theme is "family" and photographs of sixty family groups are featured. The poster is part of the PR effort for the new "Premacy" minivan, launched on the seventh of this month, and will remain up until the 28th.

When they finish slapping that sucker on the walls, it'll be the longest advertisement ever -- the previous record was only 274 meters.

It's like Christo sold out or something.

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Sounds a little like the situation of big bridge painting. You start at one end, and by the time you get to the other, where you started needs doing over.


Yeah. In this case, by the time you get to the end of the advertisement, your own family has grown up and left home, so you have to have kids all over again.

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