Bacchus Cognac Chocolate

... from Lotte. "Fine cognac chocolate that adds elegance to your moments of relaxation."

I don't want to be a negative nelly here, but if you asked me to pick the single Classical god who least epitomised elegance, it would be Bacchus. The guy rides a goat! His whole raison d'etre is sloshing, puking drunkenness! He once made a dude cut his own son up with an axe!

Also, it don't taste so good.

Popularity factor: 3


Thank you for tasting this so I don't have to. I always find the draw of hedonism and revelry supposedly contained within the box appealing, but never enough to buy it. Guess I'll pass.


Man Lotte Japan owns Lotte Korea. All we get are a shoddy amusement park, a fast food chain featuring "rice hamburgers," and a baseball team (Lotte Giants). Oh why couldn't we be blessed with candies based on drunken, goat riding dieties as well?


Very little hedonism in there, unless you enjoy the sensation of your mouth suddenly filling with cheap, unpleasant liquor.

I think Korea probably bans the import of this stuff. I certainly would.

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