Another missed call

Roy and I went to see 『着信あり2』 (Chakushin Ari 2, "One Missed Call II"), the sequel to a Japanese rip-off/remake(?) of a Korean Ringu rip-off. Yeah, yeah, simulacra etc.

The poster art sums up the story surprisingly well -- you have the boyfriend on the left, whose reaction to everything, from teary admissions of love to unthinkably horrific supernatural phenomena, is a low-level confused look; the heroine in the middle, who is mainly a motivator for other characters; and the hard-bitten investigator on the right, who's thinking "hey, the lighting guys are eating all the donuts!"

There were thrills, there were spills. People got folded to death. Other people got their mouths sewn up. And it also served as an incisive commentary on how the kids nowadays, they just use their cellphones too much! "Being pursued and mutilated by a relentless angry ghost" is a metaphor for "Not having enough alone time", clearly. Now all we need is a film which gives youngsters a well-deserved yet horrific come-uppance for wearing their pants too low. You can see their unmentionables, for heaven's sake! If the government won't act, the revenge-seeking spirits of creepy girls with long, tangled black hair will!

Also: best use of a synthesised suona to set the mood (the mood being "Hey, we're in Taiwan!") ever.

Popularity factor: 4


So "folded to death" was what Roy meant by "rather creative means." Apparently my imagination isn't wild enough.


I hope that wasn't a spoiler. I did make sure to keep the actual (well, actually figurative) dotted lines along which the folding occurs a secret!


Seems the movie uses Taiwan as a backward superstitious pit of evil, compared with postmodern Japan. SMILE. Actually, the Japanese who visit Taiwan love it there, as the people are much warmer and friendlier than back in ye Old Jappan. Funny, how this movie uses Taiwan in this way. Wait until the Taiwan movie critics and newspapers find out about this.

Go to www.appledaily.com.tw for more info.

By the way, I am posting from, er, Taiwan (a sub-prefecture of Japan, for sure. Speak Japanese here every day, yes.)


You should read Roy's post, he addresses that point specifically!

(To be fair, the original Chakushin Ari had all the backwards superstitious stuff emanating from within Japan... I think. I kind of skimmed the manga.)

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