And the best part is it technically counts as self-defence

I am so looking forward to this movie: Sengoku Jieitai 1549 (『戦国自衛隊1549』, "Warring-States Period Self-Defence Forces, 1549"). A Self-Defence Force platoon is somehow sent back in time, complete with modern weapons and equipment, to 1549 -- the height of Japan's Warring States period! And then they fight moderniser and military genius Nobunaga! I'm not sure why... but who cares?! This summer: NOBUNAGA VERSUS A TANK!

Notes for nerds: this movie is actually a remake of the 1979 Sengoku Jieitai, which was itself based on the book by HANMURA Ryou (半村良). Woah, and I just found an English dub of the movie. G.I. Samurai, eh...

Popularity factor: 5


opening night, baby.


It's stuff like this that makes me wonder why Japan is so different from Korea. Geographically close and culturally similar, yet all the movies here are redankulous tragic love stories. Where are my movies about platoons being sent back in time to do combat with famous historical figures? Well it looks like I'm off to go draft a screenplay in which a platoon of soldiers stationed at the DMZ are sent back in time to do combat with (or against) Yi Sun-shin (most famous Korean military figure from antiquity).


Dude! What about "2009: Lost Memories"?

Maybe the Korean film industry keeps spending all its special effects budget on keeping Jun Ji-Hyun's hair looking that great.


I forgot about that film, as well as "철없는 아내와 파란만장한 남편 그리고 태권소녀" which aside from having one of the longest titles ever was about a space lesbian and a female tae kwon do teacher...can't beat that now can you? How could I have forgotten such a movie?!


I'm reminded of The Final Countdown. I wonder if there could actually be a subgenre of "modern military unit travels back in time, (potentially) participates in historic battles"?

-- Tim May

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