You'll never get into a book by Raymond Briggs that way

So I bet many of you saw the sleeping salarymen page -- but did you realise that in Japan, even the inflatable snowmen are overworked? Poor guy, he's asleep on his... base.

Although sometimes when I look at this photo it seems like he's checking his zipper.

And: Robot, South Korea claims world's smartest. I've long thought that doing the thinking in a separate box would be the best idea, at least until computers get a lot smaller. Let's all enjoy its chilling final words:

"I will see you again next time when I will have become wiser."

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heh, you can't see if he's got a smile or a frown. i wonder if he's contemplating what life would be if he had legs, the sights the smells the people he would meet only if he had legs.

smart robots, pfft, it reminds me of that fosters beer advert with the japanese robot, making robots think like humans is not smart, its stupid!

ps, dinky blog thingy you got, keep up the good work, or should that be keep up the useless thing, and don't ever try to do anything useful with it! had fun reading bits of it


I think those black things -are- feet. Maybe he's pondering the wonders that would ensue if he actually had legs too. Thanks for reading! I'll be sure not to post anything too useful.

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