When even playing is working

Kokuyo have announced a new line of cardboard desks, Buzz Lightyear- or Disney Princess-themed and aimed at preschoolers. They're called はじめてのデスク -- "My First Desk". They'll cost \2,500 and be so light and small that even little kids will be able to move them around.

Part of me wants to say "Aw, don't give the kids desks, they'll spend enough of their life sitting at a desk as it is." But realistically I know that kids love to pretend they're doing adult things and will probably get a real kick out of having their very own play cubicle.

Popularity factor: 1


Why would anyone want to move their desk with them unless they ... are ... literally ... *gasp!* CHAINED TO THEIR SEATS!

Poor fellers.

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