Tis the season

Valentine's Day is only three weeks away and the wheels of the consume-mobile are starting to spin. As you all no doubt remember from last year and the year before, in Japan, Valentine's Day is the day on which girls give things to guys. This can be because they like them, or because they love them, or just because they work with them. Guys return the favour on White Day, exactly one month later. It's a bit mercenary, but at least everyone knows where they stand.

This cutely attired but dead-eyed maid can be found in various places throughout Loft in Omiya, and I presume other Lofts as well.

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That's bizarre, because I do remember reading about that last year... so, like... I've been reading No-sword for at least a year now. That's pretty crazy.

I thought you'd be interested to know, incidentally, that, in Suikoden IV, I named my army (navy?) "No-sword." So, there you have it.

I'm drunk and hoo-ray.


Man, doesn't feel like a whole year, does it? Yikes.

That sounds like a bit of a demoralizing name for an armed force, though. Unless the implication is that they're so awesome they don't NEED swords. Because they have guns.

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