No matter how many buttons you push, you never get a human

KDDI and I Bee have launched the world's first bipedal mobile-phone-controlled robot, to go on sale in February. You have to put it together from a kit yourself, but that just means it will be grateful to you and call you Mother, and possibly even protect you from hostile robots controlled by the mobile phones of your enemies.

More information (in Japanese) is here. Pictures of the robot are scattered throughout the I Bee site (which has the best domain name ever). And a PDF showing how the control system works can be viewed at KDDI's site here. You use the direction pad in the way you'd expect, and the 10-key pad is used for special actions which can apparently be individually downloaded (!) and assigned to any key the user likes. The blue screen at the top left shows one hypothetical setup:

  1. Forward roll
  2. (Not set)
  3. Sideways roll
  4. Kick
  5. Lightning kick
  6. Punch
  7. Dynamite punch
  8. (Not set)
  9. (Not set)
  10. Duck and block
After the Robo-Apocalypse, I bet a lot of people are going to feel pretty silly about having downloaded the "Kill all humans" action.

Popularity factor: 2


Fortunately, I'm not seeing a "become self-aware" command. The human race really dodged that bullet.



I bet they make it available for download, though. "Well, it WILL cause the extinction of humans.. but sales are projected to increase 10%! Before they fall to zero forever, of course."

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