Japanese baseball

I saw a book not long ago which sought to explain the differences between English and Japanese baseball terms, to those who were most familiar with the Japanese ones. I think this may be it: 「野球の英語辞典—メジャーの実況放送も愉しめる」 ("The baseball English dictionary: enjoy [US] major-league game broadcasts too"). Today, I found something similar designed for English-speakers (although you have to at least be able to read Japanese to get much out of it): A Slightly Askew Glossary of Japanese Baseball Terms, by Steven P. Venti of the Japan Association of Translators.

遠征(えんせい) -- The literal meaning of this expression is to conquer a far away place, which means that we are referring here to a road trip, an away series; often heard when one of the half dozen teams located in the Kanto area head out to one of the less civilized areas of Japan.
I also like 二死から四球病, which is pronounced "two outs kara four balls byou" (give or take a little katakanafication) -- in the context of baseball, English pronunciation often gets attached to Chinese characters this way.

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