Announcing Good News from the South

OTOMO Yoshihide has a blog!

Popularity factor: 5


Awh, dammit! And here I can't read Japanese.

I'll just have to wait for Jim O'Rourke to get one or something.


I say the images are worth it alone. What the hell is that? He's playing a violin upside on a stand with a bass bow... With some kind of gutted piano thing behind the violin.


What are you talking about, you slackers? Last I heard, both of you could read Japanese. At least a little.

I don't think that picture is him. But I haven't seen him that many times, and only then in darkened rooms.


I don't think so, man. You throw ANY kanji at me and I'm completely gone. And Eric, he can speak it and understand it just fine, but I don't believe he can read much of it. Isn't that right, sir?


And yeah, that guy looks pretty... non-Japanese. Or at least non-Otomo Yoshihide-ish.

Incidentally, a Jim O'Rourke blog would be pretty interesting. The guy's played in Sonic Youth, Wilco, and, like, every band to ever release any recording, ever in-between.

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